The Best Comedy Movies of 2013
USINFO | 2013-12-13 09:51

List of the best comedy movies of 2013, as ranked by film enthusiasts and movie critics. 2013 was a great year for comedy films. The comedy genre featured some of the best comedic performances, most original plot concepts, funniest one-liners, and overall best comedy scripts. It also had some truly funny, much anticipated comedy sequels, which is usually unheard of,including The Hangover 3, Monsters University, and Anchorman 2. Some of the films were action packed, while others were really heartwarming. The one thing all these films had in common was that they were among the funniest movies of 2013.

This list features the funniest films of 2013 for people of all age. In the family friendly genre there were films like Despicable Me 2,Monsters University, and The Croods. Fans of SNL style comedy and alumni surely enjoyed Grown Ups 2 and We’re The Millers. The spoof genre also had a few great additions in 2013, including Scary Movie 5 and A Haunted House.

What are the best comedy movies of 2013? No matter what genre or performers you usually enjoy, there was sure to be a few comedies in the year 2013 that had you curled over laughing.

1. 1We're the Millers

2.The Way Way Back

3.Warm Bodies

4.Monsters University

5.This Is the End

6.The World's End /Edgar Wright

7.The Heat

8.21 & Over

9.Despicable Me 2

10.Enough Said

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