The Greatest Female Characters in Film History
USINFO | 2013-12-13 10:42

List of the best female movie characters of all time, whether young or old. This list includes the best female movie characters to have graced the silver screen, from the beautiful yet willful Scarlett O’Hara to the tirelessly valiant Erin Brockovich. You have laughed with these characters and empathized with their plights, so now is your chance to vote for your favorites on this, the list of the best female characters in movies.

The greatest female movie characters can be broadly sorted into two categories: those based on real women and those created by authors and filmmakers. Perhaps one of the most famous of the first category is Erin Brockovich (“Erin Brockovich”), who stood up for the health of her community. Fictional great female characters can be just as engaging, however. Can you forget the grit of Trinity (“The Matrix”) -- or her catsuit?

Top female characters in movies might also be classed according to their morals. Some, such as Annie Wilkes (“Misery”), have no problem harming helpless people, while others, including Evelyn Couch (“Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe”), are the very pictures of worthy womanhood. Although viewers might pass judgement on the so-called ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ female characters, there’s no doubt that female movie characters of either morality can land among the greatest female characters of all time.

This list includes female movie characters, old and young, whom film fans continually name as favorites. Viewers identify with these characters’ struggles and lives, and it is this identification that makes female movie characters truly great. You may not agree with the best female movie characters’ choices, but chances are, you enjoy watching these leading characters’ films again and again.

1.Nurse Ratched

2.Annie Wilkes

3.Up 8 Down 1 Ellen Ripley

4.Regan MacNeil

5.Holly Golightly

5.Dorothy Gale

6.Alex Forrest

7.Catherine Tramell

8.Down 2 Sarah Connor

9.Clarice Starling

10.Hermione Granger

11.Erin Brockovich

12.Scarlett O'Hara

13.Marge Gunderson


15.Veronica Sawyer

16.Leia Organa

17.Annie Hall

18.Lisbeth Salander

19.Daisy Werthan


21.Joan Crawford

22.Beatrix Kiddo

23.Mrs. Robinson

24.Mary Poppins

25.Sally Albright

26.Amélie Poulain



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