The Daily Mail
USINFO | 2013-10-15 14:13

Indiana grandmother has baby with her grandson
This case is so mind-blowingly weird, it might as well be a joke cooked up by the tabloids. In 2010, newspapers reported that a 72-year-old grandmother was having a baby with her 26-year-old grandson. As the story goes, granny Pearl Carter had a daughter, Lynette, who she gave up for adoption. Lynette went on to have a son, Phil. After his mother died of cancer, Phil searched for his biological grandmother, only to fall in love with her. Pearl, who describes Phil as a "handsome and sexy man," said that she made the first move on Phil after inviting him into her bedroom. The couple then used Pearl's retirement fund to hire a surrogate mother, who was inseminated with Phil's sperm. Pearl also told Australia's New Idea magazine that she and Phil are as happy as ever, as "he cooks and cleans and we make love three times a week." Wow.
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