Tom and Christine DeLay
USINFO | 2013-12-23 18:28

Extremely close to his wife and daughter, Tom Delay's family continues to need to rely on that closeness to get them through the stress of the legal problems they face and the changes they need to make in their lives.

Tom and Christine met at Calallen High School in Corpus Christi, Texas, when she was a cheerleader and rode horses in the school rodeo.

August 26, 1967. Just after Tom's sophomore year of college, he and Christine were married.

Tom and Christine have been foster parents for several children.

Christine Delay on a Valentine's Gift: "Tom was serving in the Texas legislature in Austin, and I was staying home to run the business while they were in session. He called me while I was all alone feeling sorry for myself on Valentine’s Day and told me to look out the bedroom window. When I pulled back the curtain, there was a beautiful diamond-drop necklace. I was completely surprised. It’s still my favorite.”

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