Alec Baldwin's Stalker Gets 210 Days in Jail
USINFO | 2013-11-18 17:23


A woman who claimed she had a romantic fling with Alec Baldwin sobbed in court today as a verdict of guilty on five counts of stalking and harassment came back in Manhattan court.

Judge Robert Mandelbaum took only a few minutes to find Genevieve Sabourin guilty. He then sentenced her to 210 days in jail and ordered her to stay away from Baldwin after she is released.

Baldwin who testified earlier this week, was not present for the verdict and sentencing. His wife, Hilaria, issued a statement saying, "Now that it's finally over, we feel safe, relieved and happy to move forward."

Later in the day, Baldwin got into an altercation with photographers as they took pictures of his family outside his Manhattan apartment.

After court was adjourned, Sabourin's attorney Todd Spodek said, "I'm sure she wishes she never met Mr. Baldwin."

Sabourin, 41, sobbed audibly while Assistant District Attorney Zach Stendig told the court that all of her conduct "proves that she is delusional, proves that she is a stalker."

Stendig added that Sabourin knew "the nightmare she was causing" for the "30 Rock" star and his wife and that her "delusions, her obsessions, her manifest inability to control her actions" made her guilty.

"Focus on what the defendant did, not what she meant by it," Stendig said.

Sabourin insisted that Baldwin, 55, had romanced her and that they had slept together, providing details of their alleged date down to the menu of a dinner at Elio's, a fancy Italian restaurant.

The prosecutor, however, said that whether or not Baldwin and Sabourin had sex didn't matter. He said that Sabourin is "obsessed with Alec Baldwin. She's delusional about her relationship with Alec Baldwin."

Sabourin's lawyer Todd Spodek, however, said Baldwin sold his client a "fairy tale" and that the actor "is a man who has a history of disregard for other people."

"Was she wrong to think this was more than a one night stand?" Spodek asked the court. "Her sole purpose was closure."

During her testimony on Wednesday, Sabourin told the court, "He's never giving me my chance to speak to him. I was in love with Mr. Baldwin very fast... He reached my heart in a very deep sense ... Am I naïve or stupid I don't know, but I believed him."

Sabourin called the actor a "professional charmer."

Baldwin told a very different story.

On Tuesday, he told the court he felt terrorized by the defendant. Baldwin said Sabourin's behavior and threatening emails also terrified his wife Hilaria after their 2012 wedding. He compared Sabourin's behavior to something "out of a Hitchcock movie."

At one New York City event, Baldwin told the court that he had to tell security, "That is the stalker who has been stalking me and my family" when he saw Sabourin in the audience.

Emails that were submitted as evidence from Sabourin to Baldwin state that she "just died" when she found out of Baldwin's engagement. "Will you accept this simple proposal from my heart?" she wrote and called herself "Genevieve Baldwin."

Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, said "I'm terrified of her."

Sabourin repeatedly interrupted Baldwin and his wife screaming "You're lying," "You're going to go to hell" and "I've got to prove I had a sexual relationship" as they tried to give their statements earlier in the week.

Sabourin's outbursts provoked the judge to place her in contempt of court and gave her a 30 day sentence. She arrived at court today with her wrists shackled.

Baldwin met Sabourin in 2002 while filming "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," where she was a publicist and Baldwin had a small role. Sabourin was arrested outside Baldwin's apartment last year.


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