Heritage Escrow
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Home Office
40 Pacifica, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
For the past 45 years, The Heritage Escrow Company has been a leader in Southern California’s escrow industry. Current economic conditions have created a time of change and challenge for every segment of the real estate business and for those of them who serve it. As a result of careful management and long-range planning, Heritage Escrow Company can state with confidence that their place at the forefront of the escrow industry remains secure.
In 2008, Heritage launched a major strategic change when they became partners with First American Financial Corporation. This relationship has enabled them to combine their strengths with the powerful resources of the nation’s largest title insurance company. With this alliance, they “stay ahead of the curve” and ensure their position as an industry leader, even during times of economic uncertainty. Heritage Escrow is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight, and their day-to-day management continues to be as an independent company.
Today, The Heritage Escrow Company continues its proud tradition of escrow service throughout Southern California. Their clients can be assured that their high standard of care and professionalism remains unchanged. They look forward to meeting the demands of a recovering industry and have positioned theirselves well to do so.
Whether you are an agent, a broker, a buyer, or a seller, The Heritage Escrow Company is the best choice for your next real estate transaction.
With 45 years of experience, Heritage Escrow has proven depth and staying power. Escrow is their only business, and their success is measured by the thousands of escrow transactions they have expertly managed throughout California. With a track record of consistent quality and service, they have earned their reputation as a premier provider of escrow services.
Their employees are supported and trained by a corporate advisory team. These seasoned escrow specialists stay informed about current regulations and are able to create practical, customized solutions for a variety of escrow problems. When you choose Heritage Escrow, you can be sure your escrow is in capable hands.
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