Luxury Green Home Design – Acqua Liana by Frank McKinney
USINFO | 2013-12-05 16:56
Acqua Liana is a house which showed that not only small houses could be green and LEED certificated. This house is an incredible 15,071 square foot mansion that sits on 1.6 acres of oceanfront property near Palm Beach in Manalapan, Florida. Besides having 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms it has a lot of other features of luxury home design. Some of these features are: an oversized garage with windows to the pool above, fitness studio, swimmable water gardens, glass office, glass wine cellar, glass staircase, glass elevators, 2,000 gallon aquarium bar, waterfall spa with fireplace, yacht dockage and so on. LEED certificate became possible because the house utilizes enough solar power to run two average-sized homes, energy efficient appliances and air-conditioning, roof design that collects runoff water and several pools and ponds which reduce site’s temperature. Of course the price for such luxury is also amazing – $29,000,000.

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