Everglades, Florida
USINFO | 2013-08-05 16:53

One of the three most important wetlands in the world. Attractions in the province, states: Florida [Florida State].

Onuma Sawa is located in the southern part of the United States Florida sub-tropical coastal area, 160 km long, 97 km wide, is one of the world's three most important wetland and the UNESCO Convention on wetlands column.

The Everglades wetlands rely mainly on their own water evaporation and plant release moisture, rain, to maintain its moisture balance; there is the light of the numerous rivers slowly flowing in the meantime, arranged in a crisscross pattern, not only the whole region is divided into tens of thousands of size is not an island, but also offers visitors a row in the public the island shuttling between great opportunities to enjoy the scenery of the swamp. The rivers into islands, some covered with less than one meter tall trees, some are growing tall tropical Cupressaceae trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, a rich southern flavor. And all this, provide habitat for many birds of paradise, let Onuma Sawa area at the same time as birding destination.

In addition, the Florida Everglades area and 650 square kilometres of relatively dry areas covered with pine trees, 810 square kilometres of Mangrove Bay, 2100 square kilometres of the growth of wetland resources a large number of aquatic plants, is not only a tourist paradise, but also provides an ideal place for scientists to study the subtropical plant ecology.

Opened here in the national park called love Buddha Spengler Park, is the third national parks in the United States of america. Arranged in a crisscross pattern here the light of the numerous rivers,, to the entire region is divided into more than 1 islands. The island of subtropical swamp plant competition growth, a strong faction austral flavor. Visitors can Dangqi sculls, weaved in and out through the island, wandering back and forth in the shallow river, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the great swamp. Also worth mentioning is, the Everglades is the most ideal scientists study subtropical plant ecology place.
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