Saipan Restaurant Guide
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Shenanigan’s is a popular ex pat hangout with an excellent breakfast menu. The interior is clean and modern, with a coffee shop feel. Locals will recognize some of the menu choices from Coffee Care, as the chef transferred to Shenanigan’s. Everything on the menu is delicious, however. It’s a great place to find fresh salads, excellent focacia bread sandwiches, delicious seafood pastas, and much more. They also provide free wireless internet access. Phone: (670) 233-8324
Hiro Japanese Restaurant
This Japanese restaurant offers a mix of traditional and modern Japanese cooking. Owner Elko Kamei takes pride in mixing Japanese style cooking with locally grown products. The Papaya and Pork Sukiyaki or the Chicken Teriyaki Steak laced with mango and garlic sauce are just two examples. The restaurant is conveniently located in Garapan across from Memorial Park. Tatami rooms are available for private parties. Lunch specials start at about $8.00, and there is free wireless internet access. Phone: (670) 233-4476
Casa Urashima
Casa Urashima is one of the more upscale restaurants on Saipan. Although it may seem like an odd combination, the restaurant specializes in both Japanese and Italian food. The best thing to do on your first visit is order a selection of the chef’s specialties off of the a la carte menu. Casa Urashima is a great date restaurant and has separate rooms for larger dinner parties. Phone: (670) 233-3303 or (670) 287-3303
360 Revolving Restaurant
This restaurant is on the top floor of the 360 Building, and slowly revolves, giving diners a panoramic view of Saipan while eating. It’s one of the nicer restaurants on Saipan. The food is mostly American style, with excellent seafood. They also have excellent burgers and sandwiches for lunch. Phone: (670) 233-8324
Wild Bill’s
This is casual thai restaurant and bar, with selections of American and Mexican food. They also serve a decent breakfast. The bar area has a jukebox, a pool table, and outdoor seating. If you’re in Saipan during Thai New Year (April 13-15), they throw a legendary water-fight party.Phone: (670) 233-3372
Country House Restaurant
This is a wild west, cowboy themed restaurant that serves fairly decent steak and lobster type fair. The restaurant is more popular with tourists than locals, but it’s a fun atmosphere. It’s also located in the heart of Garapan, and there are plenty of tourist shops to check out after dinner. Phone: (670) 233-1908
Kinpachi is a family owned Japanese restaurant located in Garapan, across from the Fiesta Resort. They serve both traditional and modern Japanese dishes, including Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura and Temmpanyaki, as well as a variety of fresh seafood. You can also bring your own fish and they will prepare if for you for a fee. Tatami rooms and private rooms are available. Phone: (670) 234-6900
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe Saipan follows the theme of Hard Rock’s around the world, and is filled with rock ‘n roll memorabilia. Located conveniently in DFS above the Duty Free Shop Galleria, this restaurant is a perfect post shopping break for tourists. Prices are a little more than elsewhere for burgers and bar food, however. Phone: (670) 233-7625
Himawari is one of Saipan’s best kept secrets – an affordable and always delectable sushi restaurant, tucked inside a Japanese grocery store in the back roads of Garapan. Once inside, however, the decor is clean and elegant, and you can watch the food being prepared fresh at the sushi bar. Himawari is open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for dinner every day. Phone: (670) 233-1530
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