KHOU TV weatherman David Paul hiccups through his report
USINFO | 2013-05-24 10:57

"It was the most helpless feeling I've had on live TV."
Weathermen have enough trouble in life already. They're the first to wear blame when forecast sun disappears behind a sheet of heavy rain, and nobody gives them credit when predictions are proven right.
So KHOU TV meteorologist David Paul really didn't need this.
Mr Paul came down with a persistent case of the hiccups as he delivered this weather report on live TV. It's earned him a fresh reputation as "the hiccuping weatherman".
Watch and laugh - or cringe - as Mr Paul bravely soldiers through his segment, halting to say a sheepish "excuse me" every few seconds.
The poor guy will probably never look at a green screen the same way again. Still, we're sure he has sunnier days ahead.
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