Congress approved the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
USINFO | 2013-05-23 13:16

Friday, Congress approved the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Bill, hoping to ease due to air traffic control staff because of budget cuts forced to accept no air traffic delays caused the paid vacation.

According to the associated press, the house on Friday by 361 votes in favor, 41 votes against the results approved the bill, late Thursday that a bill in the Senate has passed.

In this regard, White House spokesman Jay Carney (Jay Carney) said, "the bill is a good news" for American travelers, he said, "but in the end, the bill is only a little bleeding trauma suffered huge economic stick", can not solve the overall reduction of fundamental threat to the economy. He also stressed that President Obama will soon sign the bill into law form.

The bill by the Senate received bipartisan support, direct transportation management departments will be given to the Federal Aviation Administration greater budget flexibility, in order to reduce the number of unpaid leave were forced to accept the air traffic control personnel.

According to the bill, at the end of September 30 Japanese fiscal year, the Federal Aviation Administration will call the $253000000 from other accounts or for airport improvement funds, to full time job recovery tower and control personnel, to slow down the airport delays.

As part of a government spending cuts, the Federal Aviation Administration began to implement employee off "unpaid leave" initiatives since April 21st. The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday, due to vacation in manpower shortage, has killed at least 863 flight delays.

Because of the democratic and Republican parties fail to reach an agreement, a total of $85000000000 in March 1st to start the automatic deficit reduction mechanism.

The bill passed in the house of Representatives after today, Republican Obama accused the government of deliberately by compulsory unpaid leave to press congress. Iowa Republican congressman Tom Lethem (Tom Latham) said, the Obama administration to hard-working American family life, in the automatic spending cuts mechanism with shameless tactics.
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